UL Approved Products

Product Name Certificate
Clean-agent Extinguishing System Units-HFC 227ea & NOVEC 1230 EX15839
Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing System Units EX27078
Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing System Units EX27078
Control Unit Accessories, System S24786
Control Units, System S24786
Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment E474348
Foam Liquid Concentrates EX16131
Proportioner, Foam Concentrate EX27076
Hydrants EX16426
Metallic Sprinkler Pipe EX16178
Alarm Valves EX26886
Deluge Type EX26887
Butterfly valves EX27385
Check Valves EX27384
Nozzles[Portable] EX27307
Nozzles[Fixed] EX26888

Tested & Approved

LPCB Approved & CE Marked
Containers TPED certified
Safe & Approved

Ready Made Solutions

System component supply
In-house container filling & recharge

Training & Support

Client & distributor support
System calculations
Filling and recharge